Why Boiler Power Flushing in London Is Important

The Reason Why Boiler Power Flushing in London Is Important

Regardless of whether the boiler equipment is new or old, all central heating systems require a power flushing procedure. This is based on one simple reason – over time sludge will begin to form inside the boiler and it is important to clear these blockages. If the blockages are not cleared in the pipes, the boiler will need to work harder and longer to heat water. This can directly impact energy bills and can result in high energy costs.

What Is Power Flushing?

Firstly, the power flushing method of a boiler assists in making the boiler work faster and more efficiently. This will help in saving both time and money. It will also examine the build-up of lime scale in the boiler and the damage this can do. As time progresses, sludge can accumulate with the lime scale causing damage to the heat exchange; thereby, lowering the amount of heat being produced and causing the boiler to cease functioning.

In addition to the sludge build-up, dirty water in a central heating boiler can also reduce the boiler’s level of effectiveness. Evidence has shown that dirty water in a boiler can reduce and compromise the longevity of the equipment. Furthermore, statistics showed that flushed boilers were more efficient than non-flushed boilers by an overall amount of 6%.

If you think that merely replacing the boiler system will resolve boiler-based problems, it may be worth thinking again. Even before installation of a new central heating boiler, boiler power flush London needs to take place. This is significant if you are to avoid any complications or problems in the future.

Is Power Flushing Necessary When The Boiler Is Working Correctly?

Contrary to popular belief, a boiler power flush can be beneficial even when there is no need for flushing. Evidence has found that debris can accumulate in heat exchangers over time; thereby, causing the boiler or exchange to release less heat. Aside from this, it is also common for the boiler to create a loud noise. Eventually, the debris will cause the boiler to make louder noises and finally cease functioning.


By engaging in power flushing, you can increase the lifespan of your central heating system and remove any annoying noises. It is also recommended that this process is performed to ensure future problems do not occur. Power flushing is successful in optimizing circulation and flow within the boiler; therefore, keeping the boiler operational for many years. for more info visit the E power Flush Facebook page